We all know the saying "You can't live with them and you can't live without them". That's because in every relationship your significant other will at some point drive you nuts! I was reading this survey conducted by MagazineSubscription.co.uk, and these are the 10 bad habits that women hate most in their boyfriends or husbands:

1.)  They're immature.

2.)  They dress like a bum.

3.)  They're thoughtless.

4.)  They hate to go shopping.

5.)  They don't do any housework.

6.)  They leave the toilet seat up.

7.)  They won't obey their simple house rules.

8.)  They don't show any interest in the things that THEY like.

9.)  They buy lame Christmas or birthday presents.

10.)  They watch too much sports.

What are some things your husband or boyfriend does or doesn't do or even habits that that just drive you nuts?