1. Hot sauce. It can live in the pantry for up to 3 years.

2. Potatoes. Storing in the refidgerator can affect taste but you can store in the pantry for up to three weeks.

3. Bread. The refridgerator dries it out. Keep what you want to eat at room temperature for four days and freeze the rest.

4. Onions. The are best in the original mesh bag stored in the pantry. Hint...Keep away from potatoes because they emit moisture and gases that cause the onions to rot.

5. Batteries. Store at room temperature because the cold can diminish the life of the batteries.

6. Garlic. Does best in the pantry for up to two months.

7. Tomatoes. They get mealy in the fridge, so leave them out on the counter. If they are ripe they will last about three days.

8. Coffee. The fridge (and the freezer for that matter) create moisture and that can affect the flavor of coffee. Coffee does best in an air tight container in the pantry. 

9. Nail Polish. Keeping it in the fridge can cause it to thinken.

10. Winter Squashes. They will last for a month or more in the pantry.

I have been storing 6 out of these 10 items in the refridgerator, so I found this helpful and hopefully you will find it helpfull as well. How many things were you storing in the fridge that you didn't need to?