My cousin, John, writes some very inspiring posts over at The Unattainable Life and this one in particular I wanted to share! This post was all about giving and how you can do so during this 14 day challenge called "14 Days of Giving". Now, we are a little late on this bandwagon but we can catch up! Also, you can even just pick a few things off of the list that you are able to follow through on! I just wanted to share this list as a reference of things we can do for others during the holiday season!

Sunday 11/11 Make a list of 50 things that you are thankful for.

Monday 11/12 - Not too many people are big fans of Monday mornings.  Brighten somebody’s  day by buying them their coffee without them knowing.  If you don’t get a chance to buy someone a coffee then purchase a $5 gift card and give it to someone walking into the coffee shop next.

Tuesday 11/13 - Nowadays we mostly communicate via text, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Rarely do we call or even write letters anymore.  Take a few minutes out of your day today and write a letter or an email to a friend and tell them how thankful you are for their friendship.

Wednesday 11/14 Take one of your old books that you enjoyed and set it out somewhere for someone else to enjoy.  Leave a Post-It note on the outside saying, “I really enjoyed this book and I hope you do too.  YES YOU!”

Thursday 11/15 Today, let someone go ahead of you.  Be it at a door, on the train, while driving, or even in line.  Be kind and let them cut in line.

Friday 11/16 Tape a dollar to a vending machine with a note saying “Your next snack is on me.”

Saturday 11/17 - Go through your closets today and gather up any clothing you haven’t worn in a year.  Take them to a donation place so that someone else in need can use them.

Sunday 11/18 - Go through your pantry and gather non perishable food to bring to your local food bank.  Since it’s only a few days before Thanksgiving many will be looking for donations.  If you’d like to take it a step further, Google your local food bank and find their list of food needed.

Monday 11/19 Go through yesterday Comics or find one on the internet that you enjoy.  Cut it out and put it in an envelope with a note saying “I thought you could use a laugh today.” and leave it somewhere that someone could find.

Tuesday 11/20 Share a smile with someone today.  Throw a smile out to someone unexpectedly.  You’ll probably make their day and not even know it.

Wednesday 11/21 Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger or leave one for someone to find. Hopefully they win!

Thursday 11/22 Today is Thanksgiving.  Give out as many hugs as possible today!

Friday 11/23 Buy a lunch or dinner for someone today

Saturday 11/24 Take that jar of coins you collected this year and seek out a Salvation Army Red Kettle.  Tell them your are donating the whole jar.  If you don’t have coins drop a few dollars this year.  They will definitely appreciate it this year.

Remember, if you can't do everything on this list, that's okay! Even if you do a few of these things, you'll be able to brighten someone's day!