1. Eat with the opposite hand that you normally would eat with .

2.Turn your fork upside down.

3.Only take one bite at a time.

4. Put fork down between bites.

5. Pace yourself, eating isnt a race.

6.Use chopsticks.

7. Eat ONLY, dont mutitask

8. Eat pistachios, but de-shell them yourself, this will save on average 125 calories.

9. Wake up, smell coffee.

10. Eat an apple.

11. Chew gum.

12.Snack consistenly, but make sure they are small and healthy snacks.

13. Don't eat while your putting elftovers away. When you get up from the table you're done.

14. Use your slow cooker and then dinner will be ready when you get home from work and you wont be tempted to eat high calorie snacks while preparing dinner.

I thought I would add 2 of my own that I find helpful.

Have a glass of water before you eat a snack or meal, you will feel fuller faster.

And have hot soup with your meal, but not cream based, a broth or you could drink tea, also gives you the feeling of being full.

What are some tips you use to eat less?