Caleb asked me to make his birthday cake this year. He told me he wanted a mint chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream cake. I decided I could probably tackle this project and not even have to turn on the oven! It was actually very easy and it was delicious! Here's how I did it.
1 Container of mint chocolate chip ice cream
1 Container of chocolate ice cream
1 Box of chocolate wafers
1 Jar of hot fudge
First I crushed the chocolate wafers into cookie crumbles. I took half of the mint chocolate chip ice cream and softened it And put it into a springform pan And sprinkled some of the cookie crumbles on top and put it in the freezer. I let that harden up. Then I softened the chocolate ice cream and put that on top for the next layer and sprinkled that with the cookie crumbles, put back in the freezer and let it harden up. Then I did the rest of the mint chocolate chip ice cream and put that back in the freezer. Then after that firmed up I warmed  the hot fudge and poured the entire jar on top of the cake and put it back in the freezer. It really was simple and easy to make. And the flavor combinations are endless. We are already thinking about the flavors for the next one we will make.