YourTango published this great list of signs to look for if you're having marital issues.

1. You keep having the same fights over and over again. This is a clear sign that you are not communicating well enough to solve your problems. Without good communication compromise is impossible, without compromise your problems pile up.

2. You're too tired to have sex. Of course there are times when you and your partner are too physically exhausted but when this becomes a pattern something else is going on. Most likely you are emotionally drained because you are carrying a lot anger. Letting your sexual relationship drift is risky because it opens the door for others to come in and fill the void.

3.Your kids keep asking you if you're getting divorced. As much as you and your partner try to avoid facing your issues your children sense it. If they are calling your attention to the distance between you, it has already grown to a dangerous level.

4. You have stopped reaching out to make things better.  You are no longer making the extra effort to reach out and close the distance between you and your partner. It feels too risky to make the first move. Couples therapy can help you both cooperate together to reverse this process.

5. You often think about having an affair. Getting love, affection and attention from someone new suddenly seems like a solution to your relationship issues. This thought is a red flag, this shows your unhappiness has reached a desperate level. Having an affair will double your troubles and could possibly be a deal breaker.

What are some other signs that you need couples therapy? Do you think couples therapy works?