Do you love EL James' erotic book  '50 Shades of Grey'?  And, do you love to excercise?  Then you will love this!

New York fitness expert Kristin James is using the racy novel series as inspiration behind her new "50 Shapes of Grey" aerobics classes where she'll help people act out scenes in EL James' erotic novels -- all in the name of keeping fit.

The classes feature 13 'sexercises' including 'bend-over-better,' 'sexy scissors' and 'seductive squat.' all of which James claims will translate to better, bolder sex. She says the workouts will make people lean and strong, and give them the self-confidence to act out their fantasies. (Ananova)

If this doesn't take the 'boring' out of your exercising, then I don't know what will!  Do you guys have any tips on how to make my workouts not get stale so fast?