A big thank you to the beautiful and lovely Brandi Bailey who was my guest this morning on the morning show. I learned a lot about Brandi that I will share with you. She was born and raised right over the boarder in Brackney PA and graduated from Montrose High School. Her name was Brandi Devine which I think is the best name on local TV by far! She has a big, fun, loud family that she loves and is really close to. Her first job was working as a camp counselor. Her first concert was with her aunts when she was about 5 years to go see The Charlie Daniels Band. She's been married almost 2 years to Steve who is 10 years older than her...you go Steve! Steve's persistence to take Brandi on a date finally paid off after a year and they've been best friends ever since! They are in the process of buying a house in Conklin where Steve grew up.. They will soon be moving into their new house with their two large dogs.

Brandi found out on St. Patrick's Day Parade Day that she is expected her first baby! She wasn't planning on having a little one quite yet since she was still enjoying being a newlywed but...surprise! After taking about 12 pregnancy that Steve ran out to get reality set in and she was ecstatic about their little one. She's due in the beginning of November with their son and they are having fun trying to come up with names. So far they are thinking about Connor or Lincoln and at Greg Pollak's request they are thinking about having his middle name be Abraham...kidding! Sorry Greg! We wish you all the luck in the world guys!

Thank you for hanging out with me this morning. Brandi you look wonderful and keep up the great work on WBNG!