If you are in college, you might not have the extra cash laying around for a fancy Halloween costume. Don't worry! You probably have everything you need in your closet...or your roommates' closet to achieve your desired look. Get creative! I guess I should note that the amount of clothing you decide to go with for these costumes is optional...Let's be real, Halloween is often every girl's excuse to dress a little more risqué than usual! Ha! Here are some ideas for that last minute party or just an affordable costume in general!




1. Nerd: Collared shirt, pants of your choice, suspenders and dark framed glasses with tape on the middle will make this look complete!

2. School Girl: Plaid skirt, white button up shirt, and dark framed glasses.

3. Black Cat: Black leggings, black top, headband with cat ears (you can also make these yourself!)

4. Cowgirl: Jean shorts, plaid top, cowboy hat and boots.

5.Hippie: Get creative with Tie-dye, head bands and round framed glasses!

Do you have any ideas for a DIY Halloween costume? Share them in the comments below!