Let me start by saying that I don't smoke, but I am still torn on this new policy in Florida.

If you smoke, you won't be working in Delray Beach, Florida. The City Commission has finalized a non-smoker policy that took effect Monday.

The city will no longer hire employees who regularly use tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, snuff or pipes. It's all to lower health costs. Smokers can cost a company or government agency an average of $12,000 a year in health and disability-related costs.

The City Commission agreed to move forward with the policy saying that in tough budget times this was an easy way to save money and the right thing to do in terms of promoting healthy lifestyles among city employees.

Employees hired before Oct. 1 are exempt from the policy, but the city encourages all employees to take advantage of several smoking cessation classes offered throughout the year.

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