My wife tricked me one day and said we were going out to get ice cream in Afton.  The next thing I knew I was surrounded by worst nightmare.   I know, 'strive for five.'   I see those signs every time I go into a grocery store.  But, why can't they make veggies that taste like pizza? 

The place is Frog Pond Farms on Route 7 in Bainbridge.  It's a little bit of a drive from Binghamton, but well worth it.  They have all sorts of fresh produce, with great prices.  They even sell local cheese, and have pepperoni too.

Our area is rich in a lot of ways.  And, I want to start taking advantage of more things local.  What do you like about living in the Binghamton area?  Do you know of a 'best kept secret' in the area?  I would love to hear about it.