Is it raining sharks?  This is definitely something you don't see everyday on a golf course.  And, especially on a golf course in Binghamton!  But, I wish I was there to see it.

I saw this story from


In San Juan Capistrano, California a two-foot long leopard shark dropped right out of the sky and flopped around on the 12th tee. Authorities believe it was plucked from the ocean by a large bird that dropped in while in flight. No one was teeing up when the shark fell although some golfers had just left the area.

A course marshal, who makes sure players maintain an appropriate pace, saw something moving around on the tee and went to investigate. He found the shark bleeding with puncture wounds, where it seems the bird had held it in its grasp. He then put the shark in his golf cart and drove it back to the clubhouse where they put it in a bucket of "homemade sea water" using sea salt from the kitchen.

Sounds crazy but it kept the little critter alive long enough for the drive back to the ocean where it was released and it swam off.


What is the craziest thing that you have ever witnessed?