How come this stuff never happens to me?  You have to give this guy credit for his peace offering attempt.

This story comes from Ananova:


In Indianapolis, 41-year-old William Kise crashed his Mustang into a home while allegedly drunk. He reportedly then got out of the car and asked the homeowner, "You want some pizza?" Officers found a pizza box and a bottle of hot sauce in the back of his car. Kise admitted to drinking five beers at a friend's house while waiting for the pizza. Then, he got in the car, still eating a slice. His foot allegedly became stuck on the accelerator and he was unable to use the brake, causing him to crash into the home. Fortunately the married couple and their four children in the house were not injured but their home was so badly damaged they had to move into temporary accommodations.


From now on, if you do something bad to me, just offer me pizza and I will forget all about it.

Have a great day!