Do you want your kid to be the talk of the school?  Spice up their next birthday party by giving them and their friends a chance to swim with alligators. 

Bob Barret from Tampa, Florida is now offering to entertain youngsters at the party by letting them swim with alligators!  Yep, for $120 bucks, Barret takes an alligator to people's backyard pools to swim with their children.  He says business is going crazy.

In case you are worried, these are very small alligators who all have their mouths taped shut before the party...and hopefully fed.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed Barret isn't doing anything illegal, but added: 'We will say that this is not something that we encourage.' 

In the risk of sounding like my parents, 'when I was a kid I was lucky to have a cake.'

What is the most outrageous birthday party your son or daughter has attended?