I saw this story and was like "REALLY?!?!" I understand rules but I certainly don't live in a black and white world so all rules can't apply 100% of the time and here's a perfect example of that!

Last week, six year old, first grader who's name is Hunter Yelton,  was sitting next to a girl in music class.  As MANY little kids do, they claimed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Hunter gave her a kiss on the hand.  The teacher saw it and at this point sent him to the principal's office, and they called his mother to come to the school.  Now even though the girl was totally fine with Hunter kissing her hand, he was suspended from school! As if that wasn't bad enough, this will go on his permanent record for sexual harassment!

The school is standing by their decision and say they have a ban on all kissing at school and him doing this falls under the definition of sexual harassment. They also say he got in trouble before for kissing the same girl on the cheek.

I think this is absurd! He's SIX years old! Children at that age are not thinking anything sexual by kissing a girl on the hand or cheek. I understand why it's not allowed, but it shouldn't be first time warning, second time your out with a permanent record. I think it's just a very harsh punishment that doesn't fit the crime.

What is your opinion? Should this six year old have been suspended and now face a permanent record for sexual harassment?