This is a very big election year.  And, an Atlanta company is taking advantage of the hype.  Maybe they figure that if it gets you out to vote and gets them some business then everyone wins.

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Hopefully patriotic duty is enough to motivate you to go vote next week. However, for those who need a little more encouragement, Adventure Outdoors, an Atlanta-area sporting goods store, is offering a free Glock handgun or Browning rifle to those who vote! Locals are urged to bring in their "I voted" sticker to enter a raffle for the weapons. However, the promotion caught the attention of the secretary of state's office last week as Georgia law prohibits anyone from giving or receiving money or gifts in exchange for voting. The secretary of state's office warned store owner Jay Wallace that offering the raffle only to people who voted may be violating the law so Wallace simply made the raffle open to anyone, even those who don't vote. And while the store has certainly heard from a few detractors, customer John Keels said, "Well, since this is probably the most important election in my lifetime, anything that gets the public out to vote is good as long as it doesn't break the law."


If a pizza shop in Binghamton did this, then I would vote....10 times!

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