5 Seconds of Summer is HUGE in my house! Lexi is in love with them! We went to see them last summer with One Direction and she will be going to see them again this summer.

There is a line in their hit song 'She Looks So Perfect' that goes, "You look so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear." Well interestingly, an American Apparel spokesperson says, quote, "I have no idea if it's attributed to the 5 Seconds of Summer song, but there was a 10% increase in U.S. sales of our men's underwear!"

So what do you think...do you think sales are up because of the 5 Seconds of Summer song? I say of course that's why! I bet girls are buying these underwear up and wearing them! And guys too! So I think American Apparel should send each other the guys in the band a HUGE basket filled with their underwear!