I LOVE cheese, after all cheese makes everything better right?! I can't imagine not having cheese on a burger! I'm allergic to wheat but I am so thankful it isn't dairy that I'm allergic to! My favorite cheese is a baked brie topped with some preserves and gluten free crackers. YUM!

I'm not alone in my love for cheese because according to a new study Americans love for cheese keeps increasing. According the the study back in 1970, the average American ate eight pounds of cheese a year. It has now increased 23 pounds of cheese. That's almost

The study revealed we eat more yogurt and chicken than we used to and a lot more green veggies. On a good note most of us are eating less ice cream, whole milk, and beef. I LOVE ice cream, it may be my favorite food, but now I hardly eat it because we have such delicious frozen yogurt that is available and its so much better for us than regular full fat ice cream.

Are you and your family eating more cheese than when you ate when you were growing up? What is your favorite cheese indulgence?