There always seems to be lists that come out about 'this or that' to avoid.  One month the experts tell us to avoid this type of food.  I don't always agree with their advice but I understand that they have done some research to support their findings.

However, I just can't wrap my small brain around this list of 'certain types of guys to avoid.'  This list is from Huffington Post.  Check it out:

Men To Avoid At All Costs:

  1. Men who wear gold chains
  2. Men who smoke thin, brown French cigarettes
  3. Men with sideburns that exceed 4-inches.
  4. Balding men who comb long strands of their remaining hair across the top of their head.
  5. Men who speak of their ex-wive's sexual shortcomings in colorful detail.
  6. Men who order for you in restaurants.
  7. Professional clowns.
  8. Men with visible nose hair.
  9. Men who live with their mothers.
  10. Men with tattoos.

The guy with the gold chains is the one that bothered me.  What do you think of this list?  Ladies, who should women avoid?