When I was a kid I would go out on Halloween and fill up my pillowcase with candy. When I would get home my brother and I would dump all of our candy on the floor and begin organizing it into piles and get ready to trade! I know one of my piles was the candy I didn't want. Today, I'm making sure you don't become the house that gives out the candy that lands in that pile! After all, if everyone is throwing away the candy you buy, you're just wasting your money. At least, that will be my logic for today. Hey, I'm just trying to help out the trick or treaters!

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    Snickers has always been one of my personal favorites! Imagine if you gave some a full sized Snickers bar?! You'd be the best house on the block!

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    Another favorite? Reese's anything! Reese's Peanut Butter cups are a very popular one! The one downside to this candy are the children with peanut allergies so this is one to be very careful with!

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    The Starbursts I wouldn't trade as a kid were the pink and red ones! Now, Starburst sells just those two flavors as "Fave Reds" which is just amazing!

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    Kit Kat

    Kit Kat is another popular candy for Halloween! I always have and still do love putting them in the freezer before I eat them! Does anyone else do this?

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    I might have traded Skittles as a kid if it was a last resort. But this was a good candy to try to sneak and eat in class! Shhh!!

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