Valentine's Day is just about a month away and like most of the planet, you will probably remember this on January 13th. But, this year, you're in luck.

Your friends (and currently your romantic advisers) at Wild 104 have you covered. In this writer's opinion, the best dates are the kind where you actually, you know, talk to and get to know the person you're on the date with. So, most of these initial ideas spawn from the prompt: 'How can we best get to know each other?'

We'll be adding to this list as the month goes on, but here is a starter kit of date ideas in the Binghamton area for Valentine's Day:

1. Picnic

This one is a classic standby and (if done right) is romantic, relaxed, and a great way to open up conversation. Granted, this idea hinges entirely on the weather. If February 14th is 65 and sunny, it's great. If it's 34 and wet, I recommend you not eat a meal on the ground. If weather cooperates, try packing something more adventurous or unique than you'd normally eat. If you have strong cultural roots, make something that reflects that and let the conversation stem from there.

Around Binghamton: try Recreation Park, Otsiningo Park, or Confluence Park.

2. Movie and a Dinner

Even though this 'tip' is really more common sense and has been repeated everywhere, it's still not followed by many date planners. This is particularly important if you're on a first date. Have dinner second. It may mean a later reservation and you might be a little hungrier, but the movie is the conversation piece. If you can resist the public make-out session in 'Deuce Bigelow 3: Southeast Asian Gigolo,' opt for a drama or biography film and let your respective commentaries unfold over dinner afterward.

The obvious choice in the Binghamton area is the AMC on the Vestal Parkway. The movie-to-dinner gap can be bridged quickly by catching the flick and grabbing food at UNO or TGI Friday's.

3. Get Active

The Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca are a quick hour away from Binghamton and well worth the drive. Go for a hike and get away from the same old scenery you're usually in. It's literally a breath of fresh air and it's simplicity is the best part. There's no crushing expectations, no dressing up, no puffed feathers. It's an escape rife with potential for good conversation, bonding over a positive hobby, and plenty of places to sneak off to steal a kiss.

Keep checking in and feel free to contact us and let us know what your ideal date would be!