If you watched the State of the Union last night, you might not have notice but Binghamton was represented at the event!  And, not just politically but there was a local hero there!

According to PressConnects.com: "Retired Army Sgt. Rick Yarosh, a 2000 graduate of Windsor High School who survived major injuries while serving in Iraq and who is now a motivational speaker, was a guest of U.S. Rep. Richard Hanna, R-Barneveld.

Each member of congress is allowed to bring one guest to the State of the Union.  “It is my privilege to welcome Sgt. Yarosh as my guest for the State of the Union address,” Hanna said in a statement before the speech. “Upstate New Yorkers are proud of his enduring service to the nation and his commitment to our community. Sgt. Yarosh sets a tremendous example of dedication and perseverance, and he serves as an inspiration to all of us. I look forward to joining him in the Capitol.”"

My hat is off to you Sgt. Rich Yarosh!!  You truly are a hero!