Tomorrow is PARADE DAY and I'm sure you will all be "enjoying" yourselves. But what happens on Sunday morning when it is time to function like a regular human being again? Try these tips for dealing with the Parade Day "aftermath".

  1. Water, water, water. Alcohol dehydrates you so you will need to be sure to drink PLENTY of water!
  2. Gatorade or other fruit juice. This will give your body some sugar and replace some of the electrolytes that you need.
  3. Aspirin. Well, you'll need something for that pounding headache.
  4. Bananas. The more dehydrated you get, the more potassium you lose. This is where the bananas come into play!
  5. Make sure you eat BEFORE you get started on Parade Day. Don't drink on an empty stomach, that's just asking for trouble!

What are your favorite cures after a night...or day of partying?