In the wake of yesterday's tragedy, Boston residents are being more than generous by lending a helping hand, and their homes. People came from all over to participate and support the Boston Marathon and due to the explosions, they are not able to go back to their hotels. Because of this, a simple Google Doc was created where people put their names and numbers and let people know that they have a place to stay for those who have been displaced.

In the Google Doc, there is a name, phone number, email address, neighborhood and then an area where people can leave a note letting people know what they have available. There are some people who do not even live in the area but say they are willing to come pick up those in need.

This situation is horrible beyond words but the support that people are showing is simply amazing. Share this Document with those who you think could benefit and hopefully we can help those in Boston in some way. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy.

You can find the Google Doc HERE.