Today the love of my life, better known as Bruno Mars, turns 28! He has accomplished a lot during his career so far and it wasn't until recently that I discovered how talented and how much of a clown he is!

You can start to realize just how talented his is by taking a look at the songs he has written for other artists that you might not have been aware of! Cee Lo Green's "Forget You" was a HUGE hit and it was written by Bruno Mars!

Why did I call him a clown, you ask? I mean that in the best way possible! A good sense of humor is VERY attractive and he is....VERY ATTRACTIVE to me. Which is why I think we should get married and run off into the sunset together. Okay, maybe I'm taking my love for him too far. But take a look at the performance that made me fall in love as well as some of his funniest moments!