Is There A Wrong Way To Nap?
I don't nap nearly as often as I would like to or feel that I need to. Some people nap every day, and others nap maybe once a year.
Dating Rules You Don’t Need To Follow
Many television shows can portray dating as exciting and fun, but more often than not it can be stressful and frustrating, especially when you learn just how many "rules" there are.
First Date Ideas That Might Lead To Marriage
The best dates, in my opinion, have always been ones that encouraged conversation. If we go someplace with loud music or to see a movie, how am I suppose to get to know the person that I'm with?
How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise
Finding the motivation to exercise is probably the hardest part about exercising in general because once you get going, you feel really good about what you're doing and may not even want to stop.
Old Fashioned Dating Advice
Your mother may have given you dating advice while you were in high school, and you probably laughed at her and blew off what she had to say (I know that I did).

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