Happy Tuesday and welcome back to another TrendWatch! Here you will find a few of the things I am currently obsessing over! Take a look:


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    Let's Shop: TheCelebrityDresses.com

    Have you ever seen an actress on the red carpet and thought to yourself "I HAVE to have that!" ?! Well now you can! On TheCelebrityDresses.com, you can find almost any celebrity gown you want, including wedding gowns, usually for $300 or less!


    Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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    Home Decor: Houzz.com

    I love coming up with new ideas for Home Decor! I can get lost in Pinterest for days but Houzz.com is straight to the point with TONS of ideas for painting and decorating your home!

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    App: Moves

    I found this app that tracks your steps throughout the day called Moves! It can tell whether you are in a car, running, biking or walking! It can even tell you exactly where you have been and how long you were there! A little creepy, maybe. BUT, I've found it to be quite useful!


    Photo: Kiesha