We were at Moe's in Binghamton last week for their grand opening.  I went to the bathroom and noticed this sign before I left.  What a great idea to have this sign in the bathroom!

Then it made me think....I know, it doesn't happen to often!  What if you are out on a date?  That sign just helped avoid an embarrassing moment.  I would actually like to see many different signs when I leave the bathroom to help avoid some embarrassing situations.

Here are a couple more signs I would like to see in bathrooms for my benefit:


1)  "Check your shoes to make sure there is no toilet paper on them!"

2)  "Don't forget to make sure there are no bats in the cave...that's a nice way of saying stuff in your nose!"

3)  "Is your zipper up?"

4)  "Not sure if you have bad breath?  A mint won't hurt!"

5)  "If you have any gas, get it ALL out now!!"


What signs would you like to see in the bathroom to help you avoid a potentially relationship ending situation?