I do admit to watching a few reality shows.
Some, I catch every week, and some I just tune in from time to time just to see how things are progressing.I have been a fan of 'Survivor' from the start, not missing a single episode because it still impresses and shocks me every week, especially with those blind-sides, plus I really enjoy 'The Voice' and occasionally will tune in 'American Idol', particularly during the audition sessions, because it's just entertaining!

I wasn't planning on watching the 'X-Factor' this season, but decided to tune in during the auditions.
To my surprise, I was very impressed with the amount of talent, especially when Alex and Sierra took to the stage.
They wowed me from the start.
Their version of Britney Spears 'Toxic' was simply amazing.
When you put your own spin on a song, it can be magical, or it can be a disaster, and they made it magic.

Not only did we see a great performance, Alex and Sierra displayed amazing stage presence.
They looked very comfortable in front of the judges and audience, were having fun, and then they looked at each other while singing, it melted the hearts of everyone watching.
You can tell they are very much in love.
As the show progressed week after week, Alex and Sierra's performances, talent and stage presence improved and just blew me away!
They've worked hard to improve, while remaining grounded and wowed all who watched each week.
They deserved winning the title.

As Simon Cowell pointed out, that's what the 'X-Factor' is all about, and Alex and Sierra have that 'X-Factor.'
In case you missed their first on stage audition, check it out.