If this story doesn't bring a tear to your eye, then you are not human.  This is a real life version on the movie 'The Notebook.'

I saw this story in Sky News, and I got teary eyed.  They are a very inspirational couple.  And, I know a lot of people will strive for their story!

Check out the story:


After 72 years of marriage, Norma and Gordon Yeager died within one hour of each other -- and were buried in a single coffin. If there ever was a true love story, it was this amazing Iowa couple. He was 94 and she was 90 and as they were driving into town, Gordon mistakenly pulled out in front of another car and was hit hard. They were rushed to the hospital where nurses and doctor kept the two together in the intensive care unit, and they lay there, barely responsive but holding hands. Gordon passed away, and, exactly one hour later, Norma followed him, still holding his hand. Their son Dennis said, "They just loved being together. He always said, 'I can't go until she does because I gotta stay here for her.' And she would say the same thing." They were married on May 26, 1939, the day Norma graduated from high school and had four children together, one daughter and three sons. Tragically, their two middle children were also killed in car accidents. Their daughter Donna Sheets said, "We were very blessed, honestly, that they went this way. Neither of them would have wanted to live apart." At their funeral on Tuesday, Norma and Gordon shared a casket and held hands. Once cremated, their ashes will be mixed together.


It's o.k. to cry!

Have a great weekend!