Well, America, we've done it.  After last night's VMAs on MTV, it's safe to say that Miley has *officially* crossed into the ranks of 'ticking time bomb' celebrities on par with the Lindsay Lohans, Tara Reids, and Amanda Bynes's of the world.

We've depleted Miley as an entertainment resource and now the spectacle that remains is this:

Are you a little confused about what you just witnessed? The wagging tongue, the foam finger, Robin Thicke: all mystifying additions to the girl we grew up watching on 'Hannah Montana.'

One popular news outlet forecast the inevitable Miley tipping point in a 2008 feature. Equating celebrities to precious resources, it warned against using Miley up on Hannah Montana spin-offs, merchandising, and more.

If we had heeded The Onion's warning, could this have been avoided? Could we have prevented Billy Ray's little girl from becoming a 'twerkaholic,' whatever that is? Could dozens of unsuspecting Teddy Bears been spared trauma? Could the Smith family sleep soundly at night?

Check out the video below and see if you agree -- The Onion was right all along.