Have women lowered the bar when it comes to chivalry? Are they wanting a man who is a gentleman or a jerk?

Well according to a survey by a British website called socked.co.uk, men have acted like jerks for so long, women don't even expect them to be gentlemen any more!

Not only that, but if a guy tries to be polite and respectful, a woman is probably going to be suspicious and wonder why he's being so nice and then refuse his help.

Four in five women say they would rather pay for their own meal on a first date and half say that they are okay with paying the entire dinner bill.

Nine out of 10 women would refuse a man's help if he offered to help her carry bags or something heavy for her and four out of five wouldn't accept a man's coat on a even if they were cold.

Eleven out of 12 women say that if a man offered his seat to her, she wouldn't accept it.

I love a man to be a true gentleman, one who opens the doors, pays for the date offers you his jacket when you're cold. A man who wants to protect his lady and take care of her. You hear people say men and women are equal. I think that is true but let's face it, we ARE different, we think differently, respond differently and act differently, so what's wrong with being treated differently in a relationship? I think a man's role should be to treat his woman with kindness, love and respect. I like an old school gentleman.

What do you guys think? How do you compare to this survey?