Some of you are probably wondering "What's a staycation?" A staycation involves taking some time off of work and going…nowhere! Okay, bear with me here, I know this doesn't sound very exciting -- but it is. Have you ever been sitting at your desk at work and found your mind wandering to the endless things you need to be doing at home? If so, then maybe a staycation is exactly what you need! A staycation is also much nicer to your bank account than a vacation is!

Last week, I took a 3 day staycation and loved every minute of it. I tackled the task of cleaning out my attic and holding a yard sale, which I've been wanting to do all summer. I also was able to spend time with my parents and my brother, which I don't get to do much because of our busy schedules.

Everyone needs a little break once in a while without the headache of packing and

draining out your bank account.  Take the time to sleep in, read those stack of magazines that you have piled up, organize your closet, update your iPod playlist, or explore the local businesses in your city!  Then, return to work feeling rejuvenated and at ease knowing you finally accomplished that to-do list that was weighing heavily on your mind!