Saturday was Downtown Binghamton's 2nd Martini Walk. I love the martini walk! First of all, I love Downtown Binghamton, and summer! So you combine the two and you have a great Saturday afternoon. I love seeing people out and about walking and enjoying our beautiful and unique city. Many of the women stepped out wearing cute sundresses.

I wasn't able to go to all the locations on the martini walk because I had a wedding to attend. But I was able to hit about half. I really liked Little Venice, theirs was a Lemon Cello with Raspberry Martini and it was garnished with a candied lemon and was delicious! I really liked Sake-Tumi's which was called "Sake-Tu-Yuzu". I'm not sure what all was in that one but it was very refreshing and I would defiantly order it is it was on the menu. But my favorite, hands down was Remliks! They had a Salted Caramel Martini and it may have been the best drink EVER! They even made homemade caramel sauce. Remliks, please, please, please put this on your menu and make a dessert with this caramel sauce! We all gave this martini a 5, which was the highest score but if I could have given it a 10 I would have! I can't wait to find out who the winner of this year's Martini Walk will be! I think last year's champ, Little Venice may be dethroned. Although I'd say they would come in at a close 2nd!


What was your favorite martini?