This is good news for many people...apparently old school cell phones are making a comeback. People are actually getting rid of their smart phones because they want their "dumb" phones back. "Dumb" phones have a  way better battery life. I never had to carry around a phone charger for my "dumb" phone! Also older phones are much more durable and less likely to break.

And lastly, but probably the biggest reason why people want their "dumb" phones back is people are feeling too connected to their smart phones and are constantly checking their email, Facebook messages, or tweeting when it immediately shows up in front of them.

I can tell you when I go on vacation, I often will leave my phone when I go down to the beach all day or leave it at the hotel when we go out at dinner at night and its very freeing. I am down for getting rid of my smart phone and am strongly considering it! The only good thing I think they are for is giving me directions when I get lost, but honestly half the time it still gives me wrong directions! So out with the smart phones...time to simplify!