If you are looking for a job....beware!  Employers are using social media sites to research potential job candidates.

Reppler, a company that offers a tool for scrubbing social networking accounts of job-damaging material, recently commissioned a survey of 300 hiring managers and the connection with different social media sites.

95% of employers use social media sites when looking at potential job candidates.

Here are some statistics from the survey about employers and what makes them disqualify a potential employee:


-- Lied about their qualifications: 13%

--Posted inappropriate photos: 11%

--Posted inappropriate comments: 11%

--Posted negative comments about a previous employer: 11%

--Demonstrated poor communication skills: 11%

--Posted content about using drugs: 10%

--Made discriminatory comments: 10%

--Posted content about drinking: 10%

--Shared confidential information from a previous employer:  7%

--Have never rejected a candidate because of information on a social networking site: 7%


Do you think this is right?  Is it fair for an employer to use social media sites to judge you?