So everyone who has Facebook knows about the 'Like' button. A friend can put up a status or picture and you can 'Like' it or comment on it. Well know Facebook is considering to gives us all more options. The are considering 'Dislike', 'Seriously?', 'Meh', 'Want' and 'Love' for button options. I think it's a great idea. BUT I'd also like to make a few other suggestions to Facebook.

One I'd like to see is them not limit it to 5000 friends. I set my page up years ago as a regular page and now I have reached my maximum for friends. So I can limit it or I can start ALL OVER again and start a "Like" page. I think it's silly that they limit it. I know most of my Facebook friends in real life so why limit it? I think they were trying to be different that Myspace where people would just add people to "brag" about having lots of "friends". But we are talking about people who had millions of friends, not a few thousand. So I'm asking Facebook to please change this because I would like to keep my page as it is but add the rest of friend requests I have.

What do you think about the possible new button options? And what changes would you like to see Facebook make?