If you are having trouble falling asleep, it could be for many reasons.  Experts agree that one of the issues to falling asleep is that there are too many distractions in the bedroom such as the television, your iPad or iPhone.  And, I don't know about you but I would have a tough time giving those things up in the bedroom.


Well, here is a more reasonable trip to help you fall asleep faster.  Researchers in Switzerland found that you could fall asleep faster if you wear socks to bed.  According to the research when you're about to fall asleep, your body redirects more blood to your hands and feet.  Once they're warm, your blood starts circulating around the rest of your body, which makes you go to sleep.

Wearing socks makes your feet warm up faster...which means the blood can circulate around your body sooner.  Lifehacker

Do you have any secrets that you would wish to share on you fall asleep quick?  I would love to hear them!