If you are like me and have trouble not hitting the snooze button 5+ times every morning, then these alarm clock apps are just what you need!

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    Freaky Alarm makes you scan a barcode, QR code or a photo. When your alarm sounds in the morning, you must get up and take a picture of your saved objects in order for the alarm to turn off! Another option you can choose is to solve puzzles in which solving those puzzles will result in the alarm turning off. Nothing like getting your brain working from the moment you open your eyes!

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    Sleep If U Can

    Sleep if U Can is another app that involves you physically getting up and taking a photo of a particular object. Once you're up, why not stay up?!

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    Wake N Shake Alarm

    Instead of simply hitting the snooze button, Wake N Shake makes you shake your phone like crazy to turn off the alarm!

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    Not only does the BetterMe app hold you accountable for waking up on time by posting to Facebook when you hit snooze making you start your day in shame. It also lets you set goals for yourself such as being on time for an appointment. Insert the address of your appointment and if you are not on time you will receive public humiliation again on Facebook...put your goals aside at your own risk!

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    Effective Alarm

    The Effective Alarm will not turn off until you are fully awake! It makes you complete a set of logical actions to ensure that you are wide awake and ready to start your day!