According to a recent study done by "Cosmo" about 10% of Americans sleep without any clothes on.  But maybe we should all be doing it. Here is Cosmo's top five reasons to sleep in the buff

1. It Airs You Out.  Which is good for everyone!

2. You Sleep Better When You're Naked.  Sleeping in pajamas (or using a lot of blankets) can actually make you too warm at night, which makes you toss and turn (you know you turn your pillow over looking for that cool side) and prevents you from getting enough R.E.M. sleep.

3. You'll Look Younger.  Being too warm at night also messes with how your body releases certain anti-aging hormones. If this isn't a reason then I don't know what is!

4. You May Have More Love Making.  Skin-on-skin contact increases certain hormones like oxytocin, which is sometimes referred to as the "love hormone."

5.)  You'll Lose Weight.  When you sleep through the night without tossing and turning, it gives your body a chance to lower the amount of cortisol you're getting, which is a stress hormone. If you have too much cortisol in your system, it makes you hungrier.

So there are Cosmos's top five reasons to sleep naked. This was a fun and cute read. Do you have any other reasons that Cosmo didn't come up with?