Spring is here, and soon we'll be coming out of hibernation and getting outdoors.
Then what?
Go golfing!

If you already golf, you know it's a fun sport whether you do well or not.
If you haven't tried it, maybe this is your year to get out on the links and find out what you've been missing.

Check out my 5 top reasons for taking up the sport, and whether you are a golfer or just a beginner, we've got a great deal for you to take advantage of.
It's the 2014 Clubhouse Card good at 21 area courses.
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  • 1

    Get Outdoors

    After 6 months, it's time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Golfing will allow you to do just that, while enjoying the great scenery.

  • 2


    You don't golf alone. So this is a good way to get to know whoever you're golfing with. Maybe it's a client or a co-worker or your boss. How many deals have been sealed over a round of golf?

  • 3


    Ok, so it's not like running a 5k, but you are out moving around, and if you forgo the golf cart and haul your own clubs around the course, that's got to shed a few calories!

  • 4

    It's a Stress Reliever

    Even if your game is not on par, you're most likely having fun playing the game, hanging out with your buddies on a (hopefully) warm, sunny day, it's got to bring down the blood pressure a tad, right?

  • 5

    The 19th Hole

    After a rousing 9 or 18 holes of golf, it's time for a bite and a beer! That's the way to cap off a great day of golf with your buddies!