Do you have a job interview coming up and you are nervous? Or maybe you wonder why you felt qualified for a job but after the interview you never heard back from them? I read this article by Catherine Colan from Monster Contributing Writer who came up with the top five things not to say on a job interview.

1. "When will I be promoted?:
It's inappropriate because it puts the cart before the horse. Perhaps instead of asking when the promotion will occur, a better approach is to ask what you would need to do to get a promotion.

2. "What's the salary for this position?"
Asking about salary and benefits in the first interview can turns me the interviewer off. The first interview is should be more about selling yourself to the interviewer, and that questions about salary and benefits should really wait until a later interview unless they bring it up.

3. "When can I expect a raise?"
Talking about compensation can be difficult, but asking about raises right off the bat, before you have even been given the job is not the way to go. Plus many companies have frozen salaries and raises because of the economy. This can be a touchy subject so just avoid it.
4. "What sort of flextime options do you have?"
This kind of question can make it sound like you're interested in getting out of the office as much as possible. Many companies have many options for scheduling, they understand people have appointments they have to make during the business day from time to time or obligations due to their children. Most companies are willing to work around things after they realize you are a valuable employee. But this is something to avoid talking about on a first interview.

5. Any question that shows you haven't been listening.
You need to really listen, because if if you ask a question that the interviewer has already gone over , it's really going to make them wonder about your abilities. Nerves can get to you but just try to relax and pay attention.

With the economy the way it is, employers are much more choosy and picky. So be prepared, well dressed, confident and ready to answer questions in a way that sets you apart from others.