Your freshman year of college can be both scary and exciting! This is a brand new chapter in your life! There are some lessons I have learned during my time as a student and I want to share some tips I've learned along the way...



  1. Check out all of your food options. Being away from parents makes it easy to go out and eat everything you've ever wanted whether it's unhealthy or healthy. But make wise decisions. Explore your food options both on and off campus and spend your money wisely!
  2. Get to know your roommate and hall mates. These people may be strangers now, but you are about to spend your entire year with them. Take the time to get to know the people that you will be seeing on a daily basis.
  3. Get to know your adviser. This will make such a huge difference in your academic career. While I was at Oneonta, I made a point to talk to the people in the academic office so that I was always aware of my academic standing and my options. Doing so made it possible for me to graduate a semester earlier than expected!
  4. Find a study space. Be sure to explore your campus and find a place where you can concentrate on your studies. This place for me was the Starbuck's on campus. Sometimes, I would go to campus early, grab some coffee and get ahead on my work. My most productive times took place here..
  5. Know your limits. I'm talking about everything from partying to spending money. You are on your own now and YOU are responsible for YOURSELF. Always remember your "Why". Why are you going to college? Why are you paying for college? Why are you getting an education? Have fun and enjoy this exciting time in your life but remember the most important reasons why you are there.

Good luck on your freshman year!