Stephanie Brigham of Phoenix, Arizona got breast implants. And on the way home, she stopped by a Walmart and bought three sets of Heatmax Hothands hand warmers. She wanted to use them on her chest to ease the pain of her implant surgery. She cracked the warmers open and put them in her bra. A few days later, she realized the pain wasn't getting any better and in fact, the pain was much worse. She went to the doctors to find out that the hand warmers had burned holes in her new breasts.

Now of course she's filed a lawsuit against Walmart and Heatmax. Her claims are that their hand warmers generate too much heat and they clearly caused bodily harm but Heatmax says the hand warmers have warnings on them telling people not to put them directly on skin.

I'm utterly ( pun intended!) confused because how else are you supposed to use hand warmers?!? I always put them INSIDE my gloves right up next to my skin. Weird to me! As Louie G said this morning, the best boob warmers are all you ladies consider that when you're getting your breast implants and give him a call instead of using  hand warmers to ease the pain!