There's a 26-year-old in London named Torz Reynolds, who recently got dumped by her 24-year-old boyfriend Stuart. Stuart goes by the nickname "Chopper." Chopper told her he was moving to Alaska for his dream job. So she dropped him off at the airport and said a tearful goodbye.

But a week later, she found out it was all an elaborate lie, and he didn't move to Alaska! Instead he moved in with another woman!

About a year ago, Torz got a tattoo on her arm that said, "Chopper's Bitch."  And to get even with him for leaving her for another woman and lying about it she decided to cut the tattoo off her arm!  Then after she sliced off the one-inch-by-three-inch patch of her own skin, she mailed it to him!

Torz says doing it gave her closure, and she only regrets not being there to see his face when he opened it.