Even with the mess of construction around it, the Downtown Binghamton Farmers' Market continues today as it does Tuesdays and Fridays from 9AM to 2PM through October.  I enjoy stopping by there on Fridays to grab some fresh fruits, vegetables, and  baked goods for the week.  Got some good stuff today!

Fall means squash, and I grabbed my first two of the year; an acorn, and a butternut.  I don't do anything fancy with them, just cut them in half, bake them forever, and put some butter and brown sugar on top.  One of these days I'd like to try to make butternut squash soup.  The small green melon looked interesting to me. The woman said it's a sugar baby watermelon, and since I like two of those three things, I grabbed it.  It will probably blend up nice with some ice to make a smoothie.  I HAVE A HUGE HEAD of cauliflower now to deal with. I'll probably only be able to eat half of that before it goes bad.

That won't happen to the baked goods.  To be completely honest, I go to the Farmers' Market for one particular stand.  I call her the bread lady, and she never lets me down.  This week I grabbed a loaf of Victorian Milk Bread for sandwiches and toast, and Lemon Bread for dessert.   I die a little inside when October comes around, and I have to buy bread at the store again. We still have a few weeks before that.

Total money spent: $17