This week I've been trying to switch things up in the gym, so I decided to try a new circuit. The great thing about this circuit is that you can do this at home! Here is what my circuit consisted of:

1. Warm up for eight minutes. Dance around the house or do some jumping jacks. If you do this at a gym, get on the arc trainer, elliptical or treadmill and push yourself for 8 minutes. This is to get your heart rate up!

2. Do one minute of sumo squats.

3. Do one minute of push ups.

4. Do one minute of lunges.

5. Do one minute of bicep curls.

6. Do one minute of burpees.

7. Do one minute mountain climbers.

8. Do one minute of reverse abs.

9. Take a 30 second break.


Run through this circuit twice!

Remember the most important thing is doing these exercises with proper form. Do as many as you can correctly rather than doing more in a sloppy and unsafe manner!