Working out isn't always fun and it's certainly not easy. Sometimes, it's nice to workout with a friend for moral support. Here are some tips for choosing your workout buddy wisely:

  1. Choose someone with similar athletic ability. You want to make sure that your buddy isn't holding you back. If you are a runner and your partner has a hard time walking a mile then your partnership is not going to work out. You are going to feel held back and although your partner will be getting that extra push from you, they will feel discouraged that they cannot keep up
  2. Find someone who is dependable. Making sure your schedules are somewhat in sync is very important. Also, if you have someone who misses workouts, you are more likely to skip out as well.
  3. Comparable goals. You don't have to have the exact same goals as your buddy. However, they should be similar. If you are trying to gain muscle mass and your buddy is trying to lose 20 pounds,  you won't be doing the same exercises in the gym and will be losing some of that motivation from your buddy.
  4. Honesty is the key. It's great to have someone cheering you on. It's even better to have someone who is honest with you. For example, if you are being lazy and not pushing yourself on the treadmill, your workout buddy might let you know that you need to turn up the intensity.
Hope these tips help you with choosing your workout buddy. Remember, don't let anyone interfere with your goals!