People often ask me what I do to work out so I wanted to share one of the many things I like to do, kickboxing! I did martial arts when I was younger and worked very hard to earn my black belt when I was 12 years old! For my kickboxing classes I go right back to the dojo I trained at when I was younger, The Yosai School of Karate.

Working out isn't always fun to do but you can consider yourself lucky when you find something you really enjoy doing! That's how I feel about kickboxing. It's high energy and no matter what your skill level, it's a challenge but it's also a lot of fun! Challenge is a must! If you're not challenging yourself with every workout then you are not getting the most out of what you are doing!

You don't need to be a black belt to take these classes! It's for everyone of every skill level! The instructor, Shihan Renee Datto, makes sure that every person in the class is executing the moves correctly and safely.

Check out the video below of how I did at my last kickboxing class!