The holidays are always a busy time of year and sometimes finding time to workout or even the will to workout can be very difficult. I took some time off from the gym around the holidays due to all of the holiday parties, planning, shopping and cleaning. It seemed like there was always something going on.

The mistake I made while taking a break from the gym was not watching what I ate. I figured I would enjoy myself and just not care. Side note: I didn't do myself any favors. My point today is that even when you are on vacation or you are very busy, you should try to get your workout in and be mindful of what you are putting into your body.

When I was away on New Year's Eve there was a small fitness center in my hotel. While everyone in the hotel was sleeping in, I was at the fitness center. I didn't think I needed to wait until January 1st and make getting back on track a "resolution". After all, if fitness is truly a part of your life and you are serious about improving your health, you aren't going to let the calendar tell you when you should start taking care of yourself! I just wish I took better care of myself throughout the whole month of December!

This was the first time I worked out while on vacation. Do you find time to workout when you are away on vacation? If so, what do you do?